General Information.

  • With a long term contract, you will have a more stabile price. (Note:  you often have to negotiate prices every 3 months)  
  • The seller is BIOCOM. In any other case the agent-office is BIOCOM. 
  • BIOCOM is a European company. Taxes are not included in the prices.
  • BIOCOM can deliver its fuel product to any port with our fright and logistic partners. Note for Rostov On Don - sunflower husk pellets.
  • All the  Biocom products are analyced and sold by authorized companies.
  • Quality control:
    BIOCOM has  a 4-stage quality control.
    (1 of these is free of charge and 3 others will be charged by a separate agreement, if the parties sign the  fuel purchase contract.)
    1. Quality control of supplier
    2. Quality control during unloading to the intermediate storage (if any)
    3. Quality control during loading
    4. Quality control during unloading
  • Insurance:
    BIOCOM will provide full insurance of each delivery when needed.
  • Liability:
    BIOCOM is not responsible for possible changes in product quality. Product suppliers have this liability. 
    BIOCOM is responsible only within the terms of separate contracts with the parties of the contract.
    Below general pellet  standards .(from pelletsatlas.info)
    Pellet standards


         European company


        Sunflower husk pellet



       Sunflower husk pellet

         Pointed dealer in Europe.

        Co-operated with