BIOCOM is the leading company of renewable energy forms in Finland .



13.03.10. We wellcome everyone to see our news. 

19.03.10. Biocom has signed agreement with a AbellonClean Energy-group India to come over the pointed representative of Agropellet in Europe (02/2010).

19.03.10. During period 01 -03/2010 Biocom has request for quatitions of biofuels at totally 72 500 tons.Monthly deliveries.

05.04.10. During period 01 - 04/2010 Biocom has request for quatitions of biofuels alltogether more than 115 000 tons.Monthly.

05.04.10. During period 01 -04/2010 Biocom has sent more than 100 units of Letter Of Intent.

05.04.10. Biocom has been travelled during 01 - 04./2010 more than 30 000km.s. to been in touch with a clients of Biocom.

31.07.10. Biocom have started sales of other new renewable energies , at now also availabe PKS.(palm kernel shells) and Olive cakes + Olive Stones.

31.07.10. Biocom wellcomes to the team our new agency in Ukraine Mr.Vetal. 

18.08.10. Biocom has signed agreement of mutual co - operating with a vessel broker company from Sweden.All the shipping inquiries from Biocom are now handled from Sweden. Vessels till 25 000tns available world wide.

09.08.11. Biocom has signed exclusived agency agreement with Beijing Panda Pellet Machinery Co. Ltd for sales in Finland.

25.08.11. All the production of our co-operating company with Abellon ,is sold out,to Italy for year 2011.




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