• The Buyer issues Letter Of Intent (LOI) to the Representative of the Seller .
  • The Representative issues Soft Corporate Offer (SCO) to the Representative of the Buyer then Buyer sign and seal to accept Soft Corporate Offer. (gross and net price ,if any).
  • The Parties will issue NCNDA/IMFPA , the Parties must fullfill and completed all information with sign and seal NCDNA/IMFPA then send back to the Parties via E-mail and + hard copies by mail/courier .
  • The Buyer will send draft ICPO to Seller  with the Net price with Full Banking details .
  • The Seller issue the Full Corporate Offer (FCO) .(with amendmenst,if any)
  • The Buyer issues FCO ,signed and sealed . ( with amendmenst ,if any )
  • Comission contracts to the intermediaries issued by NCNDA/IMPFA or by CA seller/buyer.
  • From here you can load NCNDA/IMFPA document .Available on Doc -mode .
  • From here you can load typical SCO/FCO .Available on PDF -mode . Dont have ? Load it . PDF

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         European company


        Sunflower husk pellet



       Sunflower husk pellet

         Pointed dealer in Europe.